Friday, August 7, 2009

I Thought I Was Going To Die Tonight...

I'll keep this short and sweet:

I had my first legit scare since moving downtown. I came home from work around 11pm and parked my car on McDermot, right outside the Mayberry art store. As I was crossing the street to get to my apartment, 4 area youth were walking down the street. Two guys and two girls. The two guys started calling out to me and trying to talk to me, which was really awkward, so I walked down the sidewalk, with them giving them one word answers as I was getting my keys ready to get into my place. I guess the real moment of truth came to me, when I got to my door. I kept on thinking, what next? are they going to leave me alone? or are they going to follow me up to my apartment? what would I do?

They kept on walking as soon as I got to the front door, but still... Who knows what would have happened I guess? That's pretty much the reason that I never go outside my building after dark, except to get to my car. The Exchange brings in some pretty shady night characters.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It's Tuesday night.
This means:
1) Whiskey Dix Patio
2) The Hot Dog Cart outside of Dix
3) It took me the usual 25 mins of looking for a parking spot.

I gave my hot dog money (which was my dinner money, btw) to a middle-aged man on the street. He was an honest-looking man, who said, "It can't hurt to ask, I'm not looking for a cup of coffee, or gas money, and my mother isn't sick or dying in the hospital... I've only got a dollar on me, and I need another $1.95 so I can grab a king-can." I like him.

The downside is that I'm really hungry and don't have any change left, and also I'm not in the mood to break a $20 bill on a hot dog. The upside is that I saw some guy turn off Main onto McDermot (ie: driving the wrong way down the street), to get into the parking lot next to my building. The police saw this, and followed with flashing lights.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Boris & I Go For A Walk.

I left Boris at home all day, while I worked a seven-hour shift, so I promised him a long river-walk upon my return home...
(walking down main st.)
(one of 500 uneaten hot dogs)
(homeless person hotel)
(our dock on the river)
(hot dogs?)
Boris and I had a great walk down to the river. Waterfront is a great area, and Boris loves a good romp through the wooded areas. Plus, there's always some interesting shit going on downtown...

What The Exchange Needs?

I was out for a walk this afternoon, and stopped by Unfold to say hi to Mike on my way back upstairs. Mike wasn't in and, according to Davey, was never coming back. Then Davey asked me what I would really like the space to be if there wasn't a clothing store. I said some kind of late-night cafe because there aren't any in The Exchange, nor is there a 24-hour McDonald's within walking distance (which was my second choice by the way). What I'd really love to see downtown in mini-supermarkets, like Safeway or Sobey's. They've got them everywhere in Europe, so why not here?

While I don't cook in my place, as a) I don't have a stove and b) I wouldn't cook if I had a stove, I need food, and at night my choices are pretty much limited to the hot dog stand outside of Whiskey Dix. While comical, I can't eat hot dogs during the four nights a week that Dix is open.

Kim, one of the girls who works at Unfold, said that someone was looking at the space that was once occupied with Commonwealth Blend, and was planning on making it a wine bar. I like that idea. The Exchange has got plenty of cafes, but lacks everything else. The only nice restaurant to eat at is Oui, and there is nowhere to go for drinks.

Anyways, I need food and I need it fast. I've been eating pretzels, candy, and peanut butter M&Ms that have been sitting on my table since Thursday night. I'm tired of going home every day for food, and I never want to set foot in Giant Tiger again. Someone please think of something soon.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


This is latest picture I have of my place. Buuuuut I have moved some things around since.
My mom and I went out for dinner last night to Little Saigon (on William Ave.), and then she came over and helped me hang some pictures on the walls. I'm still debating on whether or not I should paint the walls. White is nice, but it looks too stark and asylum-esque for my liking.

Late-night Creepers.

So I get home from work tonight at about 2:15am (after stopping off briefly at my mom's), and I'm walking to my apartment, wearing a zip-up hoodie, my work skirt, and a pair of canvas shoes. Some guy in an old school Dodge Caravan drives by is is like "Nice legs. They look good tonight."

Gross. This guy was probably 55 and had a serious mustache/glasses going on.

On a side note, I just heard someone throw up in the backlane. Yes.

Ps. I woke up this morning and went to my car, some girl's clip-in extensions fell out, and someone was nice enough to wrap this mangled blonde thing around my side mirror. I pretty much peed myself laughing and wished I hadn't forgotten my phone upstairs in my apartment.