Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I "Cooked" Tonight.

I cooked tonight. I went grocery shopping today and came back with pizza pops, freezer pizza, Mr. Noodles soup, and washer fluid (for my car). I hate cooking, and I hate having to make my own food. It's especially difficult since I own an electric kettle, a microwave, and a mini-fridge.

My first meal: Mr. Noodles. (The noodles weren't fully cooked).

I think I'll get take out/eat at work/go home for food/avoid cooking unless I'm drunk. It's times like this that I'm glad Whiskey Dix is right around the corner. The hot dog lady is there 3x/week.

Thank goodness, and that's that.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sunday Night Parties.

So, as the story goes, I had to leave my apartment at 3:30am with Boris, my dirty laundry, and work bag in my pyjamas, while roughly 40 people in the hallway/outside looked on. I'm sure you can imagine how I felt. I threw my shit/dog in the car and booked off to my mom's to sleep for the rest of the night.

This was left for Niki - my neighbour.

I like parties. I like parties with DJ Hunnicutt. I like my friends. I don't like them when they're next door to me, I haven't been invited, or given a heads up, and I'm fucking tired.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Girl Next Door.

It's 2:30am, and the girl next door to me is having an insanely loud party. It's Sunday night, and there is a DJ, who is playing terrible music. She's got the window above the door open, so music is floooooooding into the hallway, and it smells like drugs/cigarettes. Why? Why? Why?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Early Morning Wake-Up.

I've been thinking about getting blinds/curtains, but I'm afraid that if I do, my studio will look even smaller. I like having the natural daylight in here, and with windows facing a back alley, I get tons of light, but no heat from the sun. It's always cool in here, except when it's humid.

The biggest downfall is that I'm up at 8-8:30 every morning. The hustle and bustle of the outside world doesn't give anyone a break. It's so weird to walk downstairs in shorts and a tank with my hair in a bun, and see everyone walking around in suits and skirts, already having completed a half-day's work.

It's definitely some kind of oasis up here, where everything revolves around me-time and everything outside of here is just background noise.

The Fringe Festival.

Last night some friends and I went down to The Fringe Festival at Old Market Square for a couple drinks. I've been avoiding the festival for the past week, so I figured I might as well get down there and at least walk around for a bit. We didn't see any plays last night (all of us were too indecisive) although, I did see CRUMBS last Wednesday at the King's Head, which was really, really funny.

(stellas with friends)
It was good to get down there, but in the end, I'll be happy when it's all over... I could hear every daytime performer from my (closed) window, and they were not good. Plus, I'll be able to find a normal parking spot near my studio as opposed to across Main.
PS. Thanks to the person who threw their coffee all over my car last night.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Studio.

This is my lovely studio. It's got half of a kitchen (a counter and sink), no appliances, an afterthought bathroom, and single-paned windows that look out onto the backlane between my building and Mondragon. I can see right into their kitchen when I look out the window, which means if they look out theirs, there is a good chance they can see everything I do.

(the view from my bed)

(and the backlane view from the only two windows)
My mom hated the place when she first saw it, I don't blame her. There's a lot of work that needs to be done. The walls are covered in little holes from screws and nails and the floor is worn out in various spots. There is little pressure in the shower (although I get really really hot water, so that's a bonus), and the windows are single-paned which means it will be fucking cold in the winter. It's pretty dope for a first apartment, so what can you do.


Moving to the Exchange District from River Heights was not the easiest feat. In my eyes, RH is probably one of the best areas of Winnipeg to live; Corydon, Polo Park, and the Osborne Village are all about a five minute drive from my house.

Since I've moved, everything has become A LOT further away. The traffic on Portage Avenue is always slow and shitty, which means I have to leave for work a half-hour before my shift (compared to 10 minutes); and all my (conveniently car-less) friends are now a 15 minute drive away.

Between driving to work, my mom's house, and various friends' apartments. I feel like more of my time is spent away from my apartment; leaving me little time to get adjusted and enjoy the area. I'm definitely starting to feel quite isolated from everyone and everything.

Adjustment takes time, and I hope that soon enough, I'll get a job in the Exchange, and my friends will smarten up and visit me more often. I love my car, but with living downtown, I hate using it. A good parking spot is hard to find, and when I get one, I just want to keep it to myself.

I can get used to walking everywhere, but I'm off taking the bus for the rest of my life - I'd rather drive.